What's a henway?

AKA: What's this blog all about?


Marty and I joke that we made this big move from our little house in a country town to a even smaller house in a tiny town all for the sake of our chooks.

It's not too far from the truth though!

They now have 20 acres, and a pen protected from predators by 7000V of electricity which is moved once a week to new pasture. They seem quite content.

The humans here are still working on making their home comfortable though.

This is the blog of our adventure into self reliance, permaculture, off-grid living, homesteading and all that comes with it.


We bought our little farm with the intention of providing as nice a home as we could for our chickens! Nah, really we moved here to create an awesome permaculture oasis. Manda would like to call it our early retirement plan. I call it learning lots of new things and hoping it all works out for the best in the end. Ultimately we would like to not have to work, vastly reduce our expenses, become more self reliant and eat and produce our own organic, biodynamic and super good food. If we have enough extra we'll sell it, if we have too much money, we'll give it away! HHAHAHHAHAA!! and now for a cup of tea...

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  1. You made it!

    You've come so far since the Coles days back in Adelaide, haha. It's great to see you living the dream! Keep on rocking the free world.

    - Scarecrow