Sunday, December 7, 2014

High 4 on the A414

We worked on the tractor for over a week. By the end of it, I certainly didn't want to smell oil and grease again for at least a little while!

All of the oils were changed (that's almost 40 litres / 10.5 gallons of oil!!), the tacho (or tractormeter, as the old manual calls it) was replaced because the old one was smashed long ago.. Various filters, pumps and other bits and bobs were replaced as we needed to, breaks and clutch peddles adjusted, and finally we were able to try mowing for the first time. But first, Marty had to try her in full flight!!

Flail mowing is done in low gear, though, and not quite as exciting! haha.

We've been taking turns mowing around the house, around the orchard trees, and even mowed a strip down to the dam. The result is pretty nice, actually. It's basically mulching our entire ground. Since we've even been so lucky as to have a little rain lately, the green grass that was hiding below the brown stuff now has a chance to grow a little.

It also has meant we've been cleaning up a lot lately. There are a lot of logs, sticks and such that have been hiding in the long grass. It's also given us the incentive to finally clean up around the old shed. (Will show those pics off soon!)

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