Friday, July 10, 2015

Permie Day Pictures

Today I got in the mail some pictures from our Permie day! I just have to share, it was just such a great day. :)

Karen - pruning an almond tree. I think there's an OH&S issue here! Risking life and limb for almonds. That's dedication!

The grape vine in front of us was pruned and shaped into a heart! So cute!

I really felt like I was going to bust a tire on the tractor doing this. Marty and I learned a lesson about hugelkultur beds that day - cutting the wood into more manageable sizes is a good idea before burying it in the ground. We thought this would squish the wood and branches down before covering it back over with dirt. Hmm. Well, it kinda worked.

Everyone worked really hard covering the hugel bed over with all the dirt, sawdust and compost we had. It wasn't easy! Marty and I would have taken forever to do this on our own.

An awesome bunch of friends that made the day so great. Thank you all so much! :)


  1. Well, you guys have certainly been busy. Nice to catch up with your adventures again. Thanks for supplying a link at your old blog. I will add your new blog to my list.

    Have fun! And congratulations on the new property. :)

    1. HI Chris, sorry for the late reply. Thanks for adding us!

  2. How nice that you have found a group of such helpful friends. It looks like a lot was done that day. Thanks for the pics Manda. I love Marty's mountain man look. Love, Mom