Tuesday, May 17, 2016

When the rain comes

We've had some glorious rain lately! 54mm (just over 2 inches) over a couple of days, filling the tanks, making even the most overgrazed paddocks around us look green, encouraging frogs galore and of course, FUNGI!

The native area on the top of our hill has "environmental significance" and we're suppose to protect and enhance it. Well, that's not a problem. It's absolutely beautiful, and we love nothing more than wandering around up there leaving only footprints and taking only photographs. :)

We've had to start shutting our main gate lately due to our land being too much of a temptation to other people's sheep. The fences are being tested and found lacking too, which has required quite a few hours repairing them. I do feel sorry for the poor sheep surrounding our property, but no, they can't come over for lunch! Because it's been at least 4 years since this property has seen stock, the local native trees are starting to grow back (especially around the edges) and much of the ground is covered by mulch and beginning to look healthy once again.

We will have stock of our own some day, but in a controlled, and hopefully well managed way with electric fences and rotational grazing. But in the meantime, it's wonderful to see an increase in diversity and health of our little slice of The Hills.

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