Thursday, August 18, 2016

Fowlers Jars

While I'd love to show a photo of preserved food all in colourful rows, I have yet to try canning, although I intend to! What I do have is too-many-to-count Fowlers jars, and because most of them are from clearing sales, they aren't all suitable for food use. Many have cracks and chips in them.. and I had been wondering what I was going to do with them all.

Some have been very useful for things like..

Keeping Kang Kong over winter. They're tropical, and HATE frost or cold weather of any description, and even though our kitchen isn't tropical by any means, it's usually hovers around 15°C (59°F) all winter. I think the Kang Kong tolerate it, but only just.

There are avocado seeds in the other jars on the kitchen shelf.
Also a sweet potato that sprouted too late in the season last year, also happier in tropical climates.

The shoots of sweet potato have been hanging in there all winter, and I put four of them outside in a new garden bed. Fowlers jars to the rescue again, they're covering the shoots in hopes of keeping the cold off them until next month or so. It's an experiment to see how early I can get these babies into the ground this season. The longer the better, as it might give them a chance to establish a bit before the 30°- 40° plus (86° - 104° plus) temperatures arrive (it happens fast in my experience).

Perhaps this season is the one when I'll use Fowlers jars (and Ball Mason jars) for preserving food. You can bet there'll be photos if I do!

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  1. It's a satisfying thing to do, and looks gorgeous. I find it hard to discipline myself to use the contents though!