Wednesday, October 26, 2016

October 2016

As the rain clouds head south, so we start making a little more progress.

The tables for the shadehouse are complete and full of plants now. Marty and I are getting a little better at welding - less burning holes through the metal! We got to try our cheap metal saw (chop saw) with this project. I got it for about $25 at a clearing sale, probably because it was covered in bird poo and needed a new blade. Thankfully blades were cheaper than the saw, and it cleaned up almost like new, so we got quite lucky with that.

With the dam full, Marty set sail.. well, set paddle.. to find out just how deep our dam goes. We blew up the little boat and tied something heavy to some builders twine. Dropping it down to the bottom, we got 5 metres deep (16.4 foot). Oh well, we're just happy that it doesn't seem to dry up completely over summer.

It's been beautiful weather, and the hayfever is pretty powerful. The bugs are loving the long grass and flowers everywhere (the flies are back with a vengeance), and the birds are making little birds anywhere they can. We've been fixing up the Kubota, changing oils and filters, etc, ready to try her out for the first time making a flat spot for the water tank next to "the structure". We're hoping that it's an easy project for tractor and for beginner operators like ourselves. There are lots of projects after that, but we'll see how she goes. Someone seems to have removed the part that makes the Kubota a 4WD, so we'll soon find out..

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