Monday, February 11, 2013

Larry and the electric fence

There isn't a lot to report from the farm lately. Last time we visited it was Ross and I bringing Larry to the farm with us. Larry is a young Dorking rooster that was upsetting the neighbours at Stawell, and so the plan was to house him at the farm using a solar powered electric fence to keep him safe from foxes. We'd go up and visit him weekly, of course!

The fence I really wanted has been on order since December, with an expected delivery date of mid January. Sadly the supplier was having troubles making that date and, since we were under pressure from the neighbours and the council, we needed a fence sooner rather than later.

I found a different fence, ordered it online, and it arrived about a week later. Ross and I took the whole kit and caboodle up to the farm with high hopes that Larry would be safe. Sadly we just couldn't get the fence to work the way we expected it to. There was a couple of breaks in the fence where it was clear the manufacturing wasn't up to scratch, the step in posts all but folded over when trying to get them in the ground.. so despite our hard work in the hot sun for a day and a half, we gave in and called the neighbour.

Thankfully he offered to take Larry in and look after him there in a fox-safe area. We're very lucky to have neighbours like Ray and Di! The next morning we could still hear Larry crowing all the way from their farm! I sure hope he's not driving them crazy.

Other than that, we're not doing anything at the farm lately. It's a good thing that this summer has been pretty dry, because it means we're not under pressure to cut anything. There's no grass growing.. only fruit trees fruiting. The local wildlife is making the most of that, of course.

It's like the place is stuck in time, waiting patiently for us to finish renovating in Stawell. We're all looking forward to the day we can move to the farm for good!

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