Saturday, March 23, 2013

Latest trip to the farm

We took a trip up to the farm a couple of weeks ago. It's a long long drive only to drop off a fridge/freezer.. but that's exactly what we did.

The farm is otherwise the same as we left it. A bit greener there than it is in Stawell, but otherwise unchanged.

When we stay there, I'm woken at the early hours of the morning by scratching and stomping in the roof. Whatever it is, it sounds HUGE! I climbed into the roof to check it out. It's pretty clean up there, pretty bright and airy. There was a skull, so I brought it down. When back in Stawell I thought for sure it must be a possum, so I researched and built a new possum home. I also ordered a book I've been wanting forever called Tracks, Scats and Other Traces. I took the book and the possum box up to the farm this last trip.

Being woken again early in the morning by thumping and scratching reminded me to look through the book for the skull I found. Sadly the skull looked nothing like the possum skulls in the book. My heart sank as I realised that the rat skull was a much more likely candidate. The next morning as the thumping and scratching started again, Marty grabbed the torch and climbed the long ladder in the kitchen. He peered into the darkness through the manhole and saw them. Yes, rats. Oh So Gross!

Other than dropping off the fridge/freezer, and finding out we have rats in the roof, there wasn't a lot accomplished during this last trip. Sure, we confirmed that we really need some batteries for the solar system, and a header tank and water tanks for water.. and that we all really want to move up there as soon as we can. To do that, we really need to finish renovating our house in Stawell.. so that's what we're concentrating our efforts on lately.

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