Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The shed

There's been one thing missing on the farm for a long while now - a shed. The old shed had almost completely disappeared - all that was remaining was a single wall with a window. The previous owners attempted to build some kind of structure directly off that one wall.. but it was a long way off being a shed!

The "view" from the house

Side of the old shed

Not exactly a useful structure

The wood had since rotted, and taking it down was not difficult at all. More surprising was the fact that it was standing at all! It was big, ugly and in the wrong place - disrupting an otherwise nice view. Well, it will be a nice view again once we clean it up!

What's left of the old shed - what a mess!

Initially, we wanted to simply take it down, re-use the materials, and put it up over by the peppercorn trees. When taking the shed down, we quickly realised that the wood was just hugelkultur in the wrong place. :)

Convinced by a friend in town, we have decided to try a more solid structure made of RHS and C purlins. He's going to show us how to weld it together and even lend us his welder and a neighbour's generator to boot! It all sounds pretty impressive and perhaps a bit scary too.. but we're in good hands.

So begins the task of digging holes for the square RHS posts.
This took quite a while. The soil is quite heavy clay all over the property, and behind the peppercorn trees is no exception.
The future shed

 The spot was chosen for a number of reasons. Ideally it will provide for some shade in the harsh summer heat. We've noticed that the blowflies don't like peppercorn trees at all, and tend to stay away. Plus, you might notice from the above photo, we tend to store junk under there anyway! May as well formalise it.

The shed will mean a great deal for us, having somewhere to work on things (everything from bat and bird boxes, to chook houses, to kitchen cupboards), and it will get the tools out of the house and into an organised space where they can be used at last. We can't wait!! I look forward to updating further on the progress. :)

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