Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Went to the Henty Machinary Field Days

.. and we did have a good time there!

The HMFD's was much bigger and more fun than I thought, actually. I admit, I wasn't sure if there would be much that would interest us.. Oh was I wrong!

The map, highlighted places we wanted to see.

When we first came to the area, it was quite difficult to shop for what we needed. The phone reception was spotty, the distances seemed great. Getting what we needed at a good price felt something akin to head banging a splintery wooden plank. At the HMFD's, everything was all in one place, multiple businesses all trying to get your money, and offering good prices! Not only that, but saying "We're 20 minutes thatterway" for delivery was a positive - unlike trying to explain where we are to people at our major centres only an hour away.

Marty signed us up for volunteer duty at the steakhouse, and we spent half the 2 days we went to the field days, in there. It was fun, although neither of us felt like eating steak for a few days afterwards!

Cooking steak

We came home with our little hatchback chock full. A Grandpa feeder, a beautiful ceramic water filter, and a stock trough big enough to water 4 mini cows some day. The 2,500 litre water tank arrived the next day, and the 10,000 litre one will arrive in a week or two.

Added to that, a most glorious 30mm of rain fell into our gutters! Every grass has burst into seed, all the trees have new growth, and we're no longer buying bottled drinking water. Hooray!

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