Monday, October 27, 2014


October is nearly over and generally it's considered Spring - at least everywhere else we've lived for quite some time. Here, it is feeling like instant Summer. Sure, there were a few days when we put the scarves and hats back on, but otherwise it's been around 30 degrees! Almost nothing in between. I'm not entirely sure if it's considered normal or not!

The last item to arrive from the Henty Machinery Field Days was the "jazz tank" from Clark tanks. Excellent colour! Not quite blue, not quite green. The shed that it's suppose to be collecting the rain from isn't ready, so the tank is waiting around for now.

Speaking of the shed.. got 2.. maybe 3 posts in the ground before our friendly neighbour in town had some advice to offer. We have spent a good few days pondering this advice.. thinking takes time! Made some changes to the design - but only in our heads at this stage.

We've been to a few "clearing sales" in the area lately too. Lots of fun, many bargains, much junk. Basically, when a farm is sold (or for a few other reasons too, I guess), the stuff the new buyers didn't want to pay for.. the stuff the farmer doesn't want or need.. and sometimes, stuff that other random people don't want too - all gets sold via auction. The junk, err, stuff.. is spread over a paddock (or bigger sometimes!) in "lots".. usually lying in a heap or on a pallet. As a group, you and everyone else follows the auctioneer around as he calls for the highest bids. Quite often the auctioneer starts the bidding at the price which he thinks it might be worth, and when no-one bids, he comes down in price until some cheeky so-and-so calls "Two dollars" (or a similar low number) and that's when the real bidding begins. Other times, the cheeky one walks away with the lot for two dollars after all! It's a fun game, but one has to be careful or you can end up either with loads and loads of junk (selling quite cheap, but it all adds up!), or spending far too much money for far too little goods to show for it.

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