Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Little Birds Aviary

Hi all, we've decided to learn some welding and the first project to tackle was making a new aviary for our 2 little grass parrots, Pip and Squeek. Our welding lessons so far have been:

  • Use an inverter welder when welding with a generator
  • Welding thin metals is difficult (we bought square tube steel only 1.5m thick)
  • Play around with welding rod size and amps until you no longer set things on fire...

 Heres hoping they move in soon!

Manda Welding
Also I think I've eaten 500 figs this season! We were very fortunate having 2 established fig tress here.

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  1. Pip and Squeak huh? I love the names. What is a green parrot? Also I meant to comment of the figs. They look lovely. I was quite surprised. I have never seen a fig in its natural state. Just dried or in a fig newton cookie.