Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Talking about the weather

We've had a glorious amount of rain lately! Yesterday and last night totaled 30mm (1.18 inches). The 22,500L (nearly 6,000 gal) water tank is almost full and we're starting to think about overflow options. We just didn't consider a wet summer, but we've had over 62mm (2.44 inches) this month already! Marty and I planted everything that was still in pots, most suffering badly from the heat in the days before. Now they've got a chance of survival at least, and the soaking rain is a huge bonus.

Just before the change in weather, Marty and I achieved our aim of getting the huge pile of wood and junk cleaned up. It has been there since we bought the farm, and blocked our view of the pasture. Armed with only a small electric chainsaw and a Ozito silent shredder (electric too!), we chipped and cut our way through the whole thing. Finally, the tractor and flail mower finished it off, and you can hardly tell where it once dominated.

After mowing the small leftover sticks, I took the mower around the property again and mowed more long dry grass and up around the old orchard. The difference between the original mowing and the new is the colour. The mulching we did about a month ago now is green with new grass, and the new is brown with straw. I think it's making a positive impact.. since the remaining tall grass is very much brown, with very little green growth.

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