Friday, January 2, 2015

Attic ladder priority

Don't worry, there is no electricity up there! :)

We just couldn't stand it anymore! The access hole for getting into the ceiling has always been in the kitchen. I suspect because it was the first room created when they built the house, but that's just me..

Every time we accessed in the attic, bits of insulation and who-knows-what else floated or fell into the kitchen. YUCK! Since we're on a meeces-to-pieces campaign again, we have been setting mouse (and the odd rat) traps up in the attic, and it's real important to check on them regularly.

So, we spent a day cutting a new attic hole, and installing an attic ladder. Problem solved, life improved immeasurably, not just with the mouse control, but also access to the insulation and soon-to-be wiring for the lights etc.

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