Sunday, January 4, 2015

Experimenting with electricity

We're getting brave!

The poor old truck battery isn't going to be happy about this. :)

We've started playing with the 12V system available to us here. (It's a cool inside project, so we can hide from the summer a little).

It all started when the router lost our "fast" connection (as good as we can get out here anyway!), and we ordered an antenna. We figured we could now move the router into the house and install the antenna on the roof. Ha!

Then came conduit. Yes, I know, most people simply run the wires on the insulation in the attic, but with our mouse problems, the heat up in the attic, plus the condition of the old wires we took out, all say to us that we'd rather do things "right" and give the wiring all the protection we can. Plus it's a little less fire-risky too.

So, we install conduit, pull the wires through it, and kind-of bam, the router is installed in the spare room (which will be the bedroom some day). Then Marty gets a bright idea.. Lights in the kitchen would be nice, yes.. would save us some money on candles, yes..

So, we've finally got the parts together, we'll give it a go. If the battery doesn't like it, we'll just have to bite the bullet and upgrade the system. We have to anyway, if we ever want to get the freezer running!

Will update on the progress, but of course, things could come up and derail the whole thing for a month or two, or it could get finished tomorrow. Life is like that, huh. :)

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