Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tree planting at home

The other day, we went to a clearing sale that was a bit of a bust, then the next day we went to a poultry auction, which was also a bust. I think something is telling us we should just stay home! So, on the way back we stopped in to the nursery and brought home 12 tubestock trees. Today we got stuck into planting them all.

These trees are the start of a woodlot, a windbreak and a screening of the neighbouring properties. First we mowed the area, then we marked contour with the A frame, dug the holes, planted the trees, put a guard around each one, and came back with the wheelbarrow full of water containers for them all. Initially we were going to use the contour line to rip a small trench using the tractor, but decided against it.. It was a bit more curvy than we expected.. but the little trees look great anyhow!

It's much more productive staying at home. :)

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