Monday, September 14, 2015

For the garden!

Marty and I have spent a few days working on an idea I had. Originally, it was suppose to be a simple arch made of weldmesh. Since the area we wanted covering is about 6m (19.5') long, there was nothing simple about getting weldmesh to behave! So, plan B. A custom structure, welded together using our new found welding skills (not so much skill, but perhaps blind faith and more practice).. and we did it!

The poor garden looked like a construction zone for a few days, but it's finally finished, and the grapes are planted, one for each. An early season variety closest to the house called Menindee Seedless, and a late season variety called Crimson Seedless. Since grapes seem to grow without any care here, they should do just fine with a little. The idea is that they help shade the garden just a little more during the summer, and then during winter, drop their leaves and let the light in. Anything that needs more sun than that will be planted in the garden to the north.

The broody Dorking's first time hatching was a success, with 8 cute little chicks being shown off today! Two of them appear to be from Naked Neck mothers, but the rest are full Dorkings. We're both a bit worried about how they'll fare with just the electric fence for protection - birds of prey are still a threat - but even so, considering they were only hatched yesterday they're doing fine so far. It's lovely to see them being able to do what comes naturally!

Just a short clip of extreme cute. :)

The hugle bed is growing great guns but I'm getting too attached to the green manure to chop it down now. :)

And here's a picture of Marty, being awesome and cooking up a storm! The hair and beard are both about to go, since the weather is beautiful right now! I thought you'd like to see it, in all it's glory, before the big chop. :)


  1. I really do like those structures, and have wanted to incorporate something similar in my vegetable bed. Only with wood and right angles. ;)

    I have small rebar, rectangular arches, but they don't offer a lot of shade where I need it.

    That food sure looks yummy. My beloved has had to shave his face and scalp recently too, because he's joined the Army Reserves.

  2. That looks really good - it will be gorgeous when covered in grape vines. Quick tip for welding reo sheets together - hold the joins together with those ziplock strips so they don't move as you are dropping on the spot welding. I have seen it done and it does work!